Transnational Organized Crimes

The pillar focues on the threats transnational organized crimes (TOCs) pose to peaceful coexistence locally, regionally, and globally. It contributes to policy analysis on traditional and emerging TOCs inter alia, money laundering, trafficking, counterfeiting, and wildlife crimes while emphasizing how they undermine development and the rule of law. Other research interests include transnational mobility, violent extremism, proliferation of small arms and light weapons, smuggling, cyber-warfare, transboundary conflicts, and maritime security.


We contribute to the discourse of contemporary and emerging TOCs in Eastern Africa through;

Investigative Focus

We explore the Eastern Africa region to provide cutting-edge analysis on existing and emerging TOCs in migration, trade, mobility, environment, technology, and pastoralism. These inform opportunities and threats to sustainable development in the region.

Analytical Dimension

We engage seasoned research tools to unveil in-depth assessment of the strategic environment to develop policies and strategies aligned with the goals and objectives of the Eastern Africa law enforcement priorities.

Global Partnerships

We leverage and institutionalize strong, unique, and valuable partnerships, from academia, civil society, non-governmental organizations, government, business, and private sector, to support in-depth analysis of the intricacies of TOCs.

Risk Management

We broaden and deepen strategic knowledge and expertise on TOCs threats and concerns to enable long-term strategic interventions to nations. We assess trends and developments related to the various forms of TOCs to identify variations that would affect national security interests. We equally identify associated strategic risks and opportunities.


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