Influential Bulletins

4th Issue 

August – December 2022


Strengthening Kenya’s resilience to the dynamics in the Eastern Africa region

This fourth Issue is organized around conversations on strengthening Kenya’s resilience and adaptation to changing socio-economic, political, and security dynamics in the Eastern Africa region. These papers which are products of research are geared towards stimulating scholarly and policy conversations around critical questions centered on security, foreign policy and development. The papers reflect interdisciplinarity in their outlook. We hope that these articles will ignite future research and policy conversations within our research pillars and beyond.

We would like to acknowledge the Board of Directors and administrative team for their leadership, planning and support roles; research teams for their conceptualization and execution of the papers; and the editorial team for peer review and finalizing the Bulletin.

3rd Issue 

October – December 2021


Promoting Kenya’s Strategic Interests on the Domestic and International Stances

This publication contains papers anchored on safeguarding Kenya’s strategic interests in the context of changing regional and global dynamics. The five research papers engage in academic and policy conversations themed around countering financial crimes; pre-empting the transnational mobility of the Al-Shabaab; strengthening anticorruption efforts; rejuvenation of Kenya’s economy in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic; and advancing Kenya’s strategic interests in ongoing Kenya-United States Free Trade Area Agreement (KUSFTA) negotiations.

Each paper offers practical policy recommendations.

2nd Issue 

April – May 2021


Domestic and Regional Conversations Shaping Kenya’s National Interests

This publication contains research discussions themed on amplifying domestic conversations on Kenya’s prosperity while keeping watch on regional discourses.

The five research papers advance scholarly and policy debates focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic; social media adaptations; escalating cost of energy in Kenya; anti-corruption legislation; and Ethiopia’s hegemonic ambitions in the Horn of Africa.

Each paper analyses the implications of the issues on Kenya’s future. They contain practical recommendations for various publics including governments, regional organizations and inter- governmental bodies.

Inaugural Issue 

January – March 2021


The Kenya-Somalia maritime boundary dispute: emerging dynamics

This publication contains research discussions themed on the Kenya-Somalia maritime dispute. The five research papers advance scholarly and policy debates at the intersections between blue economy and maritime governance in the Horn of Africa.

Each document examines varied dynamics that have a bearing on the maritime dispute. They contain practical recommendations for various publics including governments, regional organizations and inter-governmental bodies.

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