Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

The GLOCEPS Corporate Social Responsibility Event

On 16th December 2022, the Global Centre for Policy and Strategy (GLOCEPS) embarked on a CSR activity in fulfilment of the Key Result Area 7 in the Centre’s strategic plan. The goal of this activity was to prioritise community participation and engagement to impact positively on the environment and livelihoods. The team, led by the Executive Director Brigadier (Rtd) Robert Kabage, visited Mji wa Huruma (Home for the Aged), located in Runda estate.

With a capacity of 75, the home accommodated 43 at the time GLOCEPS visited. It admits persons aged 65 and over with a background of abandonment. The Home was moved to Runda in 1968 by the Nairobi City government from Nairobi’s Eastlands area, following a land donation from former white settlers. It is currently run by the Nairobi County Government, which is the primary source of financial support. They are further supported by donations from well-wishers including the Lions Club, the Rotary Club and neighbouring churches and organisations. Beyond providing shelter, the home is also pivotal in managing both the physical and mental health issues of its residents. It has a well-equipped dispensary that mostly caters to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension which are common among the aged.

In the spirit of Christmas, GLOCEPS Management decided to share Christmas gifts with the elderly residents. These included sugar, rice, dry cereals, wheat flour, maize flour and cooking oil. The Centre remains committed to contributing positive social value within its community.

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