Governance and Ethics

The pillar champions good governance and sustainable development locally and globally. It seeks to inspire ethical leadership, strengthen democratic and corporate governance systems to secure peaceful, stable and developed nations. Through cutting-edge action oriented research, it redefines public policy, addresses governance issues and strengthens devolution and the rule of law. It further contributes to protection of rights and liberties and reinvigorates anti-corruption efforts in both public and corporate sectors.


The pillar collaborates with and support anti-corruption actors, institutions and initiatives to help raise the quality of governance and inspire a new generation of value-driven, ethically-aligned public servants through:

Good Governance

We generate usable knowledge on the link between good accountable governance, responsive public policy, responsible citizenship and national harmony and prosperity.

Transparency and Accountability

We examine the link between leadership and strong, credible, accountable institutions and unveiling knowledge that positively influences the determination of developmental outcomes.

Unification of Political Risks

We examine the state of constitutionalism in states and provide knowledge that supports the independence of institutions and rule of law, and promote harmony between the arms and levels of government.


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