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Key development projects in Kenya targeting agriculture, enhancement of rural living conditions, water resources and forests,renewable energy, and sustainable transport
have been challenged by resource limitations. As a result, entities seeking development funding are needed to meet both the project and environmental considerations

Security And Defence Pillar

The pillar focuses on understanding of emerging threats and opportunities in defence and security realm locally and globally. It focuses on the security-development nexus, political violence, ethno-national conflicts, security sector reforms, radicalization and violent extremism, counterterrorism and multilateralism.

Development Pillar

The pillar analyses national and global development agenda within the ambit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It seeks to advance policy debates contributing to substantive social and economic transformations of nations. While providing a trusted space for policy dialogues and sharing of policy best practices, the pillar helps to isolate and confront development challenges facing nations globally.

Foreign Policy Pillar

The pillar champions the global interplay of balance of power, great power politics, diplomatic networks, strategic interests, and political economy of the twenty-first century. It uses innovative and evidence-based research to advice on policy and strategies for states to adopt in advancing their stature and leverage in the national, regional, and global arena.

Governance And Ethics Pillar

The pillar champions good governance and sustainable development locally and globally. It seeks to inspire ethical leadership, strengthen democratic and corporate governance systems to secure peaceful, stable and developed nations.

Transnational Organized Crimes Pillar

The pillar focuses on research priorities surrounding technologies, processes and systems that are considered by nations to be of mutual importance locally, regionally and globally. It further contributes towards in-depth policy analysis of how emerging transnational issues threaten state security, undermine development and the rule of law.


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