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Welcome to The Global Centre for Policy and Strategy​

The Global Centre for Policy and Strategy (GLOCEPS) is a think-tank based in Nairobi, Kenya. GLOCEPS is a leading centre of excellence in policy influence and strategy formulation. The Centre provides strategic linkage between experience and research by bringing together outstanding professionals, thought leaders and academia to advance key issues on peace and security. GLOCEPS work cuts across five pillars, namely, security and defence; foreign policy; transnational organized crimes; governance and ethics; and development. 


Special Focus

Harnessing block chain technologies to enhance wage bill management by 2027 in Kenya

The absence of real-time integrated information sharing, reporting, and controls of public service payroll data among the relevant institutions impedes efforts on wage crisis management in Kenya.

Weekly Influencial Brief

Assessing Eastern Africa’s Post-COVID Economic Recovery

Eastern Africa's post-COVID-19 recovery journey presents an interesting interplay between sustain able economic growth, management of foreign direct investment (FDI), and public debt.

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Applied Human Communication

Applied Human Communication refers to the practical utilisation of principles, theories, and communication techniques to address issues, challenges, and opportunities within contexts that involve human interactions.

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