Protecting Covid-19 vaccine in Kenya from organised crime adaptations

May 8, 2021 - In Research Papers

Protecting Covid-19 vaccine in Kenya from organised crime adaptations

Ida Gathoni
April – May 2021

This paper argues that the supply and distribution of the highly demanded Covid-19 vaccine presents a lucrative opportunity for Organized Criminal Groups (OCGs) in Kenya as the Coronavirus pandemic intensifies, hence, the need for its fortification. The pandemic has drastically slowed down activities of OCGs worldwide and substantially reduced their incomes thereby provoking adaptations and exploitation of new frontiers, among them Covid-19 vaccine and its environment. The modus operandi includes exploitation of bureaucratic indemnities and legal loopholes, diversification into alternative illicit activities, exploitation of the cyber space, philanthropic initiatives, production and distribution of counterfeit and substandard goods, diversification into legitimate trade, illicit diversion of shipments, and fraud. This paper recommends strict management of Covid-19 vaccine by government health agencies, with strict criteria for the involvement of the private sector, in order to safeguard infiltrations by OCGs.

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