25th August 2022

The Executive Director Brigadier (Rtd) Dr. Robert Kabage, PhD, EBS led the GLOCEPS team to a visit at the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis. The team was hosted by KIPPRA Executive Director, Dr. Rose Ngugi. KIPPRA has been providing policy analysis for 25 years and is the number two think tank in Sub-Saharan Africa. GLOCEPS and KIPPRA research priorities are interlinked in matters of trade and foreign policy, development, and governance. This meeting is a first as GLOCEPS and KIPPRA intend to benchmark and collaborate on projects of shared interests. The GLOCEPS presentation was done by the Associate Director, Dr. Kenedy Asembo, Ph.D., OGW. He highlighted the research process and the milestones that GLOCEPS has attained in the last two years, including publications, conferences, webinars, and media appearances.

Dr. Kabage provided the possible areas of partnerships that KIPPRA and GLOCEPS can pursue.

Dr. Rose Ngugi acknowledged the mutual areas of research interests with GLOCEPS and appreciated the trajectory GLOCEPS has taken since its establishment. KIPPRA’s head of Partnerships, Dr. Eliud Moyi, introduced GLOCEPS to KIPPRA research process, which has earned it global recognition. He emphasized that KIPPRA has the advantages of a robust, quality-controlled research process and multiple local and global networks and partnerships, which GLOCEPS can benefit from. Dr. Ngugi further urged GLOCEPS to take note of the critical value of capacity building, in-house expertise, and client-driven policy analysis. GLOCEPS was invited to join the Kenya National Think Tank Symposium, whose secretariat is hosted at KIPPRA and also participate in KIPPRA events and conferences.

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